The Gisarg Brand

Gisarg is a brand of caskets and coffins produced by Ginadel Company Limited. Created from over two years of research and development, the brand has distinguished itself from local competitors by producing caskets and coffins of superior quality and design

Why Choose Us

We have established a cutting edge advantage by mastering the art of constantly making unique
products that express our clients’ identities.



To provide Unique, High Quality and Affordable products and services to our customers. 


To improve human well-being in West Africa by providing sustainable jobs and enabling a vibrant supply chain

Values & Business Ethics

Honesty and fairness to employees, and people in the society, underpins our values and business ethics. In everything Ginadel does, the society must generally see a positive impact. Creating jobs for people in various communities and providing a means of self-sufficiency is one of the building blocks of Ginadel’s future expansion and strategic plans. 

Our wood and materials are acquired from suppliers who operate within legal boundaries.